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Conference follow-up: report from the Case Study exercise, Coaltown

What has coal meant for towns close to deposits? How are residents doing today – should the reserves be exploited more or should we look to alternatives? These are some of the questions explored at the Invest in Peace Forum – part of the Lands Lives and Peace conference held at the Caux Palace in Switzerland during July 2017.

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Conference Summary: Peace is possible

During July, Caux Palace in Switzerland hosted the Invest in Peace Forum.  The initiative, a cooperation between the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation and Initiatives of Change, Sweden, convened land restorers, peace activists and investors in its first-ever conference to explore how investment can better help build a foundation for peace. The main theme centered around what we need investment for, and how to meet the needs of fiduciary investors.
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How to follow up

We are busy gathering experiences material etc and planning next steps with webinars, meetings and possibly  online working groups.

To be sure of getting an invitation to these activities, please subscribe to updates via our Invest in Peace newsletter, hosted on the main INVEST IN PEACE website.

Business for peace: the new emerging paradigm

PAST WEBINAR: promoting peace as the business of business


  • Host: Invest in Peace http://investinpeace.tssef.se
  • Theme: Businesses supporting peace
  • Objectives: Learn more about the initiative and how businesses can and already support peace
  • Replay: via this link Registration is free

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Introducing Invest in Peace



If we have the power to make such a mess of this world then surely we have the power to bring peace


  • This Webinar was held on 31 May 2017
  • Host: Invest in Peace http://investinpeace.tssef.se
  • Theme: Introducing Investing in Peace
  • Objectives: Learn more about the initiative and what Investing in Peace can mean for you .
  • Sign up to see the replay here
  • Download: the slides here. 1WEBiNAR

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Conference Speaker Sofia Faruqi co-authors Working Paper on attracting investment to restoring land

Published in February 2017, a new working paper from Conference 2017 speaker SOFIA FARUQI AND FLORENCE LANDSBERG at the World Resources Institute gathers knowledge on how land restorers can attract finance for their project.

Restoring land can be a precursor to peace, creating livelihoods and community stability. The working paper is well-structured and  detailed and comes with several illustrative examples of successful approaches.

Landscape restoration
Illustration from WPRI’s Working Paper “Attracting Private Investment to Landscape Restoration: A Roadmap”.





Conference input: the Davos dialogue on Investing in Peace

In this discussion, led by Mercy Corps CEO Neal Keny-Guyer, participants discuss if businesses should invest in conflict-prone areas, with all the attendant risks and uncertainties? When they do so, can they be a force for good? And, if they are, what are the ways to get more businesses to invest in fragile areas that can use the resultant job creation and economic stimulus to foster peace?

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