About us

Invest in Peace is an initiative of The Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation and Initiatives of Change, SwedenVisit the main Invest in Peace website here.

What we do

Invest in Peace seeks to encourage individuals, communities, enterprises and government to do more to promote peace.

We need more channels and mechanisms to actively invest in activities, projects, businesses and other organizations that foster and promote peace. The prosperity generated benefits all, society and its organizations as well as future generations

Investing in peace is at two levels: the personal level, to support individuals’ development and at societal level, to remove stresses that cause suffering and drive conflict.

We have identified possibilities to invest in peace in several key areas these include:

Personal peace

Our starting point is that peace is accessible to all whom desire it, and that it is within each human, rather than something to achieve by actions or consumption.

Personal peace and non-violent communication are two areas the Foundation can envisage supporting, both to communities, but also to corporations who are members of the “investors in peace” programme.

Education and training programmes, funded by donation and enrollment fees, could be offered to corporations, individuals as well as to organizations like prisons and other institutions working with vulnerable people.


At the heart of many of today’s conflicts lies land degradation caused by for example, climate change, population pressure, lack of knowledge.

The initiative envisages leasing degraded land, working to restore it and inviting people to live and work on it, sharing the profits back to the foundation as rent to cover investment costs as well as finance the further work of the foundation and

Investing in resilient infrastructure

Non-sustainable technology like fossil fuels relies on supplies that sooner or later will be curtailed, through reasons of environmental restrictions or availability. Technologies like renewable energy, locally sourced natural building material and local food production all create the basic security of food and accommodation.

The initiative envisages investing in this technology. Income could come from interest on loans or leasing fees.

Bolstering Economic (food and accommodation) security

Whilst human beings can be generous and welcoming, when they feel threatened or are under economic pressure, they can react with violence.

The initiative envisages investing and  engaging in economic security projects, especially those connected to food security housing security to ensure these are affordable.

The initiative envisages inviting corporations to join in this effort as part of their CSR work.

Food on the table and a roof over the head of citizens lays the foundation for a peaceful and generous culture.

Redressing Alienation. Community security

Even if we covered the fundamentals of food and shelter, humans need a sense of belonging and connection, with each other and even the earth and themselves.

The initiative will invest in activities that bring people together bolstering community cohesion, laying another cornerstone of peace.