13-15 July, 2017 Sign-in from 14:00 13th July Conference starts 16.30 Conference ends after lunch 13:30 15th July


Caux Conference Center Caux Switzerland


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Thursday 13 July: Afternoon: Welcome Keynote

Evening: Initiatives fair – mingle and reception

Friday 14 July: AM Keynote presentations

PM Workshops and networking

EVENING Above the clouds party

Saturday 15th July: AM Closing Plenary, reports from workshops

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About 30 investors, land experts and peace organizations will convene for this 2017 forum. This is the only event that specifically focuses on investment to redress the factors that undermine peace and prosperity. Bringing together theorists and practitioners from these important areas, the conference offers you new contacts, insights and opportunities.

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Who we are

Invest in Peace is an initiative of The Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation and Initiatives of Change, Sweden

Getting to Caux

Travel to Caux takes about one and a half hours by car or train from Geneva, and two hours from Bern. Trains run every hour from Geneva Airport as well as from Bern.

More practical information
Invest in Peace runs parallel to the Caux Dialogue on Land and Security 11 – 15 July. CDLS convenes experts, policymakers, practitioners, activists and the private sector to create a shared understanding and vision for sustainable peace in the world’s drylands and degraded ecosystems, and to build the trust needed for effective collaboration on the ground and in ‘land-peace partnerships'.


Building on the legacy of Frank Buchman

Caux and Initiatives of Change owe much to the legacy of Frank ND Buchman,  the initiator of Moral Re-Armament (MRA), now known as Initiatives of Change.  Buchman, born in Pennsylvania on 4 June 1878, emerged from small-town America to make such an impact that several countries including France, Germany, Greece, Japan and the Philippines, decorated him for his contribution to peace. The essential philosophy of MRA was that personal change could lead to social change. With its emphasis on experience rather than doctrine, MRA provided a focus where people of different religious and political persuasions could meet together without compromising their own beliefs. Buchman said once, “Only a new spirit in men can bring a new spirit in industry. Industry can be the pioneer of a new order. When Labour, Management and Capital become partners under God’s guidance, then industry takes its true place in national life. New men, new homes, new industry, new nations, a new world.” Frank Buchman always based his work on the premise that if people can be changed, situations in the world can be changed also. He spoke of making the wealth and work of the world available for all and the exploitation of none.

“People say that technology has set off a revolution,
but the revolution we need is the revolution of
recognizing each other as human beings,
of taking care of the basic needs of people.”

Peace Ambassador Prem Rawat

“Now that we have learned to fly in the air
like birds, and dive in the sea like fish,
only one thing remains – to learn to live on earth like humans.”

George Bernard Shaw

More businesses need to realize the positive effects biodiversity has on their bottom line—and more governments need to pass legislation that protects biodiversity.

Sofia Faruqi of The World Resources Institute

Make the wealth and work of the world available for all and the exploitation of none.

Frank Buchman, initiator of MRA, the forerunner to Initiatives of Change

We’ve created a one-legged animal, standing on financial capital. We’re not taking into account human capital, cultural capital, heritage capital, health capital. We’ve created a monster that only represents one aspect of life and we’re pretending that it represents all aspects of life.

Conference speaker Lawrence Bloom

People buy products for how they make them feel.

Peace makes us feel best so let’s align business to peace.

Who should attend?

• Investors looking for new opportunities with peace
• Business strategists with food security in focus
• Land restorers seeking to understand funding potentials
• Insurance professionals looking for stable returns
• Economists focussed on restorative capitalism

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Confirmed speakers and workshop facilitators

John D. Liu

Ecologist, journalist and film producer. Ecosystem Ambassador at Commonland.

Patrick Worms

Policy advisor carrying a message of hope: agroforestry can reverse land degradation

Willem Ferwerda

CCEO & Founder of Commonland

Tim MacDonald

Evergreen Investment Entrepreneur. Former Real Estate and Renewable Energy Tax Credit Financing Lawyer

Lawrence Bloom

Secretary General, Be Earth Foundation, working to realize the Sustainable Development Goals

Carl Pendragon

Carbon Entrepreneur

Peter Boiu

Peace Education Program facilitator

Richie Ahuja

Leading voice on “climate smart” agricultural practices & climate finance. Business development strategist for EDF, the Environmental Defense Fund

Charly Kleissner

Impact investor, uses the language of the old system, even though he’s advocating a new one.

Micheal Akampa

Ethical investment and Financial Management expert with long experience from Africa

Sofia Faruqi World Resources Institute

Heads WRI's New Restoration Economy

Everyone needs Peace

Let us take a step back, consider our shared fiduciary duty of exploring how money can be made available to restore lands, livelihoods and economic security for those who have put their trust in us

Partners and Sponsors

Organised by the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation. Registration fees in Swedish Kronor

  • Investors

    SEK 7045
    • • Single room
    • • All meals and refreshments
    • • Plenary and workshop sessions
    • • Evening reception
    • • Above the clouds party
  • NGO

    SEK 4385
    • • Accommodation in double room
    • • All meals and refreshments
    • • Plenary and workshop sessions
    • • Evening reception
    • • Above the clouds party

Conference Themes

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Business for peace: the new emerging paradigm

PAST WEBINAR: promoting peace as the business of business Details Host: Invest in Peace http://investinpeace.tssef.se Theme: Businesses supporting peace Objectives: Learn more about the initiative and how businesses can and already support peace Replay: via this link Registration is free

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Introducing Invest in Peace

  If we have the power to make such a mess of this world then surely we have the power to bring peace Details This Webinar was held on 31 May 2017 Host: Invest in Peace http://investinpeace.tssef.se Theme: Introducing Investing in Peace Objectives: Learn more about the initiative and what Investing in Peace can mean for you . Sign up to see […]

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Conference Speaker Sofia Faruqi co-authors Working Paper on attracting investment to restoring land

Published in February 2017, a new working paper from Conference 2017 speaker SOFIA FARUQI AND FLORENCE LANDSBERG at the World Resources Institute gathers knowledge on how land restorers can attract finance for their project. Restoring land can be a precursor to peace, creating livelihoods and community stability. The working paper is well-structured and  detailed and comes […]

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Conference input: the Davos dialogue on Investing in Peace

In this discussion, led by Mercy Corps CEO Neal Keny-Guyer, participants discuss if businesses should invest in conflict-prone areas, with all the attendant risks and uncertainties? When they do so, can they be a force for good? And, if they are, what are the ways to get more businesses to invest in fragile areas that can […]

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Registrations now open

We are pleased to announce that registrations for the conference are now open. We have a lower fee for NGOs, individuals and students and a higher fee for Investment professionals. To register follow the link below. The registration page has links to practical information about travel and the conference facility to help you plan your […]

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